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Do you want to transport your ADR substances? With the best qualifications and certificates HebraGTO is the right partner for your ADR tank container transport.


Also the transport of dangerous goods belongs to our possibilities. All our drivers are certified to handle dangerous goods. We are allowed to transport all kinds of dangerous goods.


Thanks to our subsidiary GTO, we are able to transport all kinds of dangerous goods in transport containers. We have several tractors with compressors and can also transport explosives.


Explosives include fireworks, with which we also regularly travel throughout Europe.

We therefore transport hazardous substances in the broadest sense of the word. We transport all substances except radioactive substances.

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All our drivers and the fleet are properly equipped to transport your ADR goods in the right way. Our drivers regularly attend courses and have a ADR certificate of professional competence. This certificate is only issued by recognized ADR courses. The fleet undergoes an annual inspection for the requirements of ADR freight transport.

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Certified for every class

  1. Explosive substances and objects

  2. Compressed, liquefied or dissolved gases

  3. Flammable liquids

  4. Combustible solids, Substances prone to spontaneous combustion & Substances which, in contact with water, develop flammable gases

  5. Oxidizing agents & Organic peroxides

  6. Toxic Substances & Infectious Substances

  7. Radioactive materials (we do not transport)

  8. Aggressive substances

  9. Other (environmentally) hazardous substances

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Hazardous substances are often seen as explosives, fuels, gases and chemical products. But also  substances from cleaning agents, paint products, cosmetics and food also fall under hazardous substances in a certain form. The transport of hazardous substances can be recognized by the danger labels and UN numbers on the containers and tanks, but this information is also stated on the consignment note.

In order to be able to transport ADR substances, we as a company must properly secure our business activities. For each transport company, a distinction is made between the measures for “normal” classified substances and “high-risk substances”. The substances we transport range from normal substances to very dangerous substances, which is why we have a very extensive and detailed security plan. This way, everyone within the company knows how to handle these substances correctly. Because these substances can have serious consequences when used or intentionally misused. These security regulations cover the entire transport chain. 

Would you like more information about the transport of ADR or are you curious about the options we can offer you? Please contact us via the contact form, then we can look at the possibilities together.

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