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Also with refrigerated transport, we have the best solutions for your transport needs. We transport temperature-sensitive goods by means of reefer (refrigerated) containers. Temperature-sensitive transport includes the transport of foodstuffs (fish, fruit, etc.) but ADR transport can also be temperature-sensitive. 


We have a large number of GEN-SETs to power the reefer en route for cooling or heating products. A number of our GEN-SET engines can be attached to multiple chassis so that we are even more flexible. We also have the possibility on some vehicles to cool or heat 2x20f reefers at the same time.

Reefers: Over


The reefer container is a refrigerated container that is suitable for transporting or storing temperature-sensitive goods. Think of vegetables, fruit, dairy or meat, but also medication or flowers. The containers are cooled by the pulling unit or at the depot, which ensures that there is a constant temperature. The range of these containers can range from -24 to +30.

The container is cooled by means of cold air. We can also equip the reefer container with a genset during storage. These generator sets provide the reefer container with power when they are not connected to a truck. This way, your goods also remain at the right temperature during storage.  

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