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The first mention of the fact that our family were truck drivers dates from 1887, that was still with a horse and carriage. The first truck was put into use in 1921 and was also the first truck on the island of Schouwen - Devilland where the origin of our company lies. The truck in the photo was the first. The company's first four-axle truck was_cc781905-5cde-3194_een94-bbc3b container for conventional cargo then we could still do everything with one auto.  It is also a tipper, the BD-51-SP uit_cc781905-5cde-3194-82cfb-136195 . 

The origin of HEBRA Container Vervoer BV has its origins on the island of Schouwen-Duiveland in the province of Zeeland, where in 1921 the grandfather of the current owner started a courier service and collected milk from the farmers. Over the years, agricultural transport was expanded to include the transport of all kinds of agricultural products. This was interrupted by the flood of 1953.

During the construction period after the flood, the Gebr. Hendrikse (the company's name at the time) the transport of sand with tippers for the Heidemij. After the construction work, the company again devoted itself to transport of agricultural products and also the transport of livestock became an important pillar, because in the first years after the flood, little more could be done with the land than raising livestock.

Over the years, livestock transport was phased out and the transport of agricultural products regained the upper hand.

In the 1970s you saw a shift coming from conventional transport to transport in sea containers and with an eye to the future it was decided in 1979 to establish HEBRA Container Vervoer BV in Rotterdam. Mid 1980s conventional transport has been phased out and sea container transport has become the main focus and from that time the transport company Gebr. Hendrikse has in fact become a carrier of HEBRA.

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Because we are a family business with a long history, a lot of photos have been collected over the years. In the photo archive you will find photos of the old fleet.

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