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With the ecocombi we can transport 2 x 20 ft containers. These containers can be loaded or unloaded simultaneously at a loading ramp, or one of them can be disconnected so that the other 20ft can be transported to a nearby destination. In addition, these trailers are so flexible that they can transport virtually all common types of containers.


These combinations all have 6 or 7 axles and can legally transport the maximum train weight of 50 tonnes in the Netherlands. In Germany and France this legal weight is limited to 40 tonnes and in Belgium to 44 tonnes.

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Then we also have the so-called 'heavy combinations'. The power cars for these combinations have 4 axles and the associated trailers have 3 axles. These combinations can transport 2 x 20 ft containers with a total weight of 50 tons in the Netherlands.

The trailer can be uncoupled so that it can be loaded/unloaded while the railcar is simultaneously loading/unloading at a different address. Time is money and the benefits of this system are easy to imagine!


When transporting combi-trailers, we speak of large-volume transport. The transport of combi-trailers means that we can transport large volumes in this way. Our trucks can transport different combinations of containers at the same time. This can be done by means of a trailer, which is why they are also characterized by the extra length. They are also called LHVs: Longer and Heavier Truck Combinations or Ecocombi. With an extra 6.65 meters in length, these combinations may be a maximum of 25.25 meters. Due to the extra length, these combi-trailers may be heavier up to a maximum of 60 tons. 

It is not for nothing that the ecocombis bear this name, with additional fuel savings and therefore CO2 emissions, this way of transport is more sustainable. From 2001, these ecocombis are allowed to drive on the roads of the Netherlands.

The ecocombi may drive anywhere on the motorways in the Netherlands, but an exemption must be requested abroad and on provincial roads.  

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